Luis Cook, Animator in Residence at Falmouth

This is the time of the year when level 2 students are generating exciting new ideas for significant animation projects.  They’ll be pitching these ideas after Easter and some will be pitched again in September to a prestigious animation industry panel at our pitch forum where, if selected they will become final year projects. 

To help this process along, last week we welcomed our good friend, director Luis Cook (ex Aardman), as Animator in Residence at Falmouth for a week of talks, tutorials and workshops.  To level 2 students he talked about storyboarding and ideas generation and led workshops designed to give them the tools and techniques to come up with poignant, experimental, or silly ideas for animation. 

At one of Luis's ideas workshops with level 2 pre-production students

Amy Lucas, level 2 pre-production student, asks Luis's advice on her idea about the inner life of a clock.

While he was here Luis also spent time with each of the nine level 3 project teams, looking at their work in progress and helping to refine their animatics.  At Luis’s own request, we kept him extremely busy, with level 1s also enjoying a talk on his sketchbook practice and another on what it means to be a director.

Luis trouble-shooting with Sam Stainer on 'Merlin the Mallard'.

Luis talks to level 3 student producer Nathan Edwards with Sam Stainer and Alice Seatherton, director.

The week with Luis Cook was, as always, one that left many students feeling inspired and ready to move forward with renewed energy – no small feat in mid-term February with little signs of spring only just appearing in Cornwall!

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