Falmouth animates BBC Listening Project.

The BBC's Listening Project has been capturing conversations; happy, sad, funny and touching, since 2012 and recently has been asking students to turn some of them into animated films.

A set of six films from second year students on Falmouth's AnimationVFX course have just been uploaded to the Listening Project website and they are looking very classy.

A Legacy in Lego - Laurie and Roland


Apart from sleeping, says Laurie's dad, Lego is the only thing that keeps him quiet!
Director Piers Buffey says; We picked, “Laurie and Roland: A Legacy in Lego” because the father and son's shared passion for Lego was what made the conversation the most interesting, fun and light-hearted. We hoped to achieve a short film that had a simplistic style to compliment and enhance the experience of listening to the audio.


Director/2D animator - Piers Buffey
Producer/3D modeller - Joseph Chalmers
Post production Director/Compositor - Ashley Howard
Colour Artist/2D Animator - Charley Hewins, Becca Bright
Colour Artist/3D Animator and Modeller - Becky Hill
3D Animator/Modeller - Philip Banko

Tony and Chris; Magical Powers.

As magic is to Chris and Tony, so animation is to me which is why this conversation
immediately struck a chord with me. Although it’s a very personal one, or perhaps precisely because it’s so personal, it reaches out to anyone who has found something that enables them to express themselves, something they love very passionately. - Elitsa Nedyalkova

Directed by Elitsa Nedyalkova

Produced by Kayleigh George,

Animators: Nathan Robert Edwards, Robin NeylanFrancis, Alice Seatherton, Kristina Ewins, Alison Paul, Gregory Edwards, Samuel Stainer, and Kjartan Horne.

Moving To Britain - Priya and Hargun

What drew me to this conversation were the remarkable parallels between Hargun's and my own story as an immigrant to England. The new customs, absurd questions and hilarity of general misconceptions made by both sides. Though Hargun’s experience and mine were 5 decades apart, the immigrant experience is often a shared one. Thus I feel I have the understanding, stemming from my own experiences, to tell another tale. - dir. Kylie Kamanga


Director & Story Editor - Kylie Kamanga
Co-director - Becky Moritz

Producer - Lola Robey-Levine

Animation and Compositing - Lola Robey-Levine
- Sam Humphreys
- Kylie Kamanga
- Emma Goatham
- Timothy Lewis

Character Design - Becky Moritz
- Kylie Kamanga
- Timothy Lewis
- Alasdair Montgomery

Background & Prop Design - Becky Moritz
- Lola Robey-Levine
- Kylie Kamanga
- Sam Humphreys
- Emma Goatham
- Alasdair Montgomery
- Christopher Hunt
- Timothy Lewis

Storyboard/Animatic - Becky Moritz
-       Timothy Lewis

‘Pen to Paper’ – Abbe and Eyal

As a digital generation, we were all moved by a touching story that reflected on how communication has changed, and changed us as people. Abbe and Eyal emphasise the personal touch that letter writing brings, in contrast to instant messaging. Because of this, we wanted to make it our mission to really express the moments that go along with waiting for a letter to arrive, and how it brought the couple together despite the distance between them.

Luke Platt – Director / 2D artist
Philippa Humphery – Co-director / 2D artist
Cecilia Hay – Producer / 2D artist
Erin Morris – 2D artist
Hannah Edge- 2D artist
Alex Shaw – 2D artist
Alice Seatherson – 2D artist

Remembering Piper Alpha

We feel as though the emotional story about the Piper Alpha accident was something we could convey well using 3D techniques. Keeping a serious tone, we explored the themes of loss, bereavement and how this affects a father-daughter relationship.

Second year students on the Animation VFX course at Falmouth University.

George Quelch (gqanimation@blogspot.com)
CG Supervisor, Texturing, Rendering, Compositing, Lighting

Harry Orford (harryorford.co.uk)
CG Supervisor, Cameras, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing

Dominic Taylor (dominic-taylor.com)
Modelling, Cameras, Lighting, Texturing

Christopher Hunt (christopherhuntanimation.wordpress.com)
Modelling Supervisor, Modelling, Cameras

Florence Green (flovfx.com)
Modelling, Concept Artist, Texturing

Catherine Donnelly (catanimations.tumblr.com)
Modelling, Cameras, Lighting, After Effects Artist

Oliver Street (oliverstreet.wordpress.com)
Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist


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