Claws for Concern: a dynamic partnership

On Animation and VFX at Falmouth University we put team-work at the heart of our course (see our blog post: ).  

It is easy to assume that this team-work comes naturally to the students and indeed sometimes that can be true, yet to work effectively as a creative team in a sustained way takes discipline and professionalism.  When our students get it right the process can also be very enjoyable for them.  

Two such graduates from our most recent third year cohort have been Jack Madeley and Harry Bayfield.  
Here is Jack's website: 

Jack and Harry had worked together on a quirky stop motion project in their second year and were good friends throughout the course but it was Jack’s mature decision early in the third year to put aside his own film project that kick-started a successful third year partnership, resulting in one of the strongest films of the cohort. 

Despite protest from second year crew who had been looking forward to working on it, on the grounds that he felt it was too complex, Jack put aside his promising film idea about a female aviator and climbed on board with Harry’s project about a bear, meaning that ‘Claws for Concern’ immediately became a viable team project.   Harry’s story had a simple and emotional idea at its heart about a working bear weighed down by a mundane existence, chopping the heads off salmon in a fish factory, who comes to discover a natural world beyond.

Once they had begun to work together, ‘Claws for Concern' belonged to both Jack and Harry.  The pair worked as co-directors with Jack also taking on the producing jobs to keep the schedule on track and Harry working broadly in all creative areas. Through trial and error they established an effective daily working pattern in the animation studio, a disciplined routine which continued throughout the whole third year.  Their final film is currently awaiting a soundtrack that lives up to the quality of the visuals and once finished it will be ready for festival entry.

Despite Jack’s plans to move to Canada and Harry’s intention to enter postgraduate study, the pair have not yet managed to escape from Falmouth.  They are currently being kept busy by staff at Falmouth directing and producing an animation for Children in Care with Cornwall Council. 

The brief for this was to produce a short animated film that will help to reassure children as they transition into care.  Over summer they ran animation workshops in our Falmouth animation studio with children who are already in care. The process provided an inspiring week of hands-on experience for the kids as well as research time for Jack and Harry to get to know the children. They used drawing and writing sessions to help the children share their personal stories, providing insights into how their film could make a difference.

Following the research and pitch process they're now hard at work in the Production hub to produce the final piece.

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