Dance drawings

First year Falmouth Animation and VFX students have been taking advantage of dance rehearsals happening just nearby.  Three minutes walk down a winding path, past the bluebells, takes them to the Performance Centre, where Dance Lecturer Kuldip Singh-Barmi leads the morning dance technique sessions.

The walk down to the Performance Centre
takes us past a spectacular display
of bluebells and other spring flowers

Kuldip and the dance students stretch before class

The Animation module is called Motion Studies and our students have been asked to create an animated dance sequence that incorporates cycles.  Kuldip and the dance students have kindly agreed to allow small groups of Animation students to sit at the edge of their classes and sketch them as they rehearse.  As they draw, the students concentrate on shapes and paths of movement, trying not to be distracted by details.  They have all enjoyed the experience so far.

Mads and Naomi get ready to draw the dancers.

It is not surprising that animators are often attracted to dance as a form of expression.  There are several great examples of animated films that celebrate the flowing arcs and cycles of dancers in movement.  Animators such as Erica Russell and Ryan Woodward have captivated audiences and inspired many of our students.

Long may our association with the Falmouth dance courses continue.  We look forward to screening our students' work for the dancers and to generating future projects with the Performance Centre.


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