Competition: Falmouth Animation takes on the 11 Second Club challenge!

Our 2nd years were challenged to complete the December 11 Second Club competition.
It was an intense turnaround, requiring 11 secs of performance animation in 4 weeks! The process involved animation planning, live action video tests, scene plans, layouts, pose to pose and rough animation. 

Competition Entry:  Big shout out to Ben Wardle, 2nd year student at Falmouth who got shortlisted to number #66 with his ‘Noisy neighbour’.

Live Action Tests:  Getting into character in our purpose built TV Studio, filming live action tests for the 11secondclub.

Post by: Rosa Mulraney


Life Drawing – we like it!

Life drawing by Jennifer Bristow; Year 1
Here on the Animation and Visual FX course we run regular Wednesday evening life drawing classes, taught by Kathy Nicholls, down in the life drawing room at Woodlane.

We try to make sure that everybody attends, including the students whose main interest is in CG and VFX, because our philosophy is that; "we don't teach drawing, we teach looking". What we are not doing is trying to create works of art, nice looking drawings that can sit on a wall; instead we want to inculcate a habit of really looking at things and analysing what is going on.

When we have to draw something we are forced to look intently at it and work out how it is put together in space. It is sometimes useful to draw from photographs, but there is something missing when we try to do that; the third dimension. Photographs can flatten out a form whereas a thing that is there in front of you is there in all its solid, three dimensional form with planes receding and coming towards you and the lighting conditions acting directly on it. Analysing all these things teaches the artist how to look.

We tend to do a mixture of poses, but none are longer than 20 minutes, and most are quite short. This is to stop the students worrying over the detail of a pose and to get them to concentrate on things like weight, balance and line of action; all things that are important in animation, and we often have the model move slowly around, pausing only for a few seconds every so often, so that what is recorded is a sense of the movement. The drawings that result are definitely not something you would put up on the wall!

Movement study

Jordan Allnut Year 2
Harry Bayfield Year 2

For some people this is the first time that they have done life drawing and they often lack confidence. Joseph, below, is new to life drawing and is more interested in the computer side of things but, with that can-do spirit that comes with being American, he has leapt right in and given it a go. We'll see how he gets on in the weeks to come.

Joseph Stout Year 1

Geoffrey Pasong Year 2
Geoffrey has a very accomplished drawing style, and it is apparent in these quick, 30 second poses, that he is already good at capturing the pose of the model.

Senior Lecturer Derek Hayes
And this is one of my 30 second pose drawings, to show that we lecturers try to keep up with practice too.

Some students are still not convinced that this is useful, so I am always happy to go to festivals and hear speakers from Pixar or Disney, when they are asked what those organisations look for in a portfolio,  invariably answer, 'life drawings'. It is one thing to create a style of drawing and make your drawings look good but we all know what a body looks like and life drawing in one of the hardest things to fake; if you can do that, you can do anything.


'Degrees of Animation' Exhibition at Animated Exeter 2014

A stop-motion animation set built by Falmouth animation students is set to join an exhibition of student work as part of this year’s Animated Exeter Festival.

The set is based on real life pasty shop Oggy Oggy in Falmouth, but its fictional role is as the home of the ill-fated Pasty Child in the stop-motion animated film of the same name.  It was designed and built by Falmouth animation students Sasha Lawrence, George Tymvios, Andy Luck and Emily Stone for their final year project.

The pasty shop set can be seen alongside the work of other students in the ‘Degrees of Animation’ exhibition at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton from 18th January to 1st March 2014.

The Pasty Child was the winner of the 2012 South West Region Royal Television Society Award for student animation and you can watch the film here:
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