Falmouth graduate animation workshops

Recent graduates from the Animation and VFX course at Falmouth University, Lauren Jansons and Freddie Pooley have been busy setting up their new business running animation workshops.
The pair are fully equipped with laptops, cameras, software licenses, props and art materials, ready to take their animation workshops around to festivals, events, schools and colleges around the UK.

Following some schools workshops and a successful slot at the Eden project last year, where children were queuing for the chance to make a short animation, Lauren and Freddie, with help from animation staff, Ann Owen and Kathy Nicholls at Falmouth University, have developed their workshops into a small business and are now preparing to take it on the road.

The half day or full day workshops will cover a range of different animation techniques, including plasticine stop-motion, cut-out animation, pixilation and working with optical toys such as zoetropes.  They are already getting booked ahead by schools keen to tap in to all that animation has to offer their pupils.

People of all ages, and in particular young people, enjoy talking with Lauren and Freddie because they are passionate about animation and have recent experience of what it is like to study it.  They can give an insight into what pupils could expect if they were to choose animation as a degree or as a job.  Both graduates have a special interest in art, design, and storytelling for animation and have worked into their full day workshop a chance for participants to do some pre-production (storyboarding and design), before they begin to animate.  

You can catch Lauren and Freddie at the Animation Taster Day on November the 30th at the Penryn campus, Falmouth University. 

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